Hello and Welcome!  

I’m Ms. Makaren and I’m currently teaching 4th and 5th grade Reading and English as a Second Language (ESL). If you’re a student or a parent and need some academic guidance or information, please feel free to contact me. My email is makarec@pwcs.edu
As an ESL educator teaching vocabulary is one of my main goals. Learning vocabulary is extremely important! It especially improves reading comprehension and language development. Here are some interesting websites that can be incredibly helpful for developing vocabulary. 

Please check out the different websites appropriate for your small group with me. I have assigned different books, articles, or videos that are specific to your reading level. 

https://www.getepic.com/students Epic is an excellent reading website. You can access it by using the code I gave you at school, if you don’t remember it, please send me an email. Remember, once you sign in with my code, you need to find your name first in order to read the right books for you. I will be assigning books to read from time to time.

https://newsela.com/join/#/classcode Newsela is an excellent reading website. You can access it by using a code or link I can only send you by email. Please contact me if you feel like reading interesting articles and check your comprehension.

www.flocabulary.com/join-class Flocabulary contains educational hip-hop videos that can build a lot of vocabulary. You will also need a code to access these videos and assignments. Once you get the code from me, you click on your class (4th – Slemp, for example) to find your video assignments! Please send me an email to get the code.

https://ell.brainpop.com/ BrainPOP is a language instruction site that will teach you vocabulary and grammar. I can provide the login information via email.

This is not homework. These are just complementary activities that work well with your class’s Weekly Choice Board assigned by your homeroom teacher.
Ms. Makaren