Updated June 12, 2020

Week 9
6/8 - 6/12

Directions for Nearpod:  If you are doing the Nearpod, you need to submit all of your work on there before you exit the Nearpod.  Please use your first and last name so we can give feedback.

Directions for Choice Board:  If you are doing the choice board, you may take a picture of your work and submit it via email to your teachers.

4th Grade Math

Nearpod Codes: See you individual Teacher's Page

Choice Board:June 8 4th Grade Choice Board.pdf

4th Grade Science

4.6 Weather Review
Nearpod-- for the codes see your individual Teacher's page

5th Grade Math

Nearpod Code: See your individual Teacher's Page

Choice BoardJune 8 5th grade math choice board.pdf

5th Grade Science

5.5 Review of Cells
Nearpod -- for the codes see your individual Teacher's page

Weekly Virtual Field Trip

A Day at the Beach: Have you ever wondered how beaches are formed? What are some things you can do at the beach? Come see our virtual field trip to the Beach. We have Live Virtual Webcams, the Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach Book and other activities.
www.nearpod.com ---for the code see your individual Teacher's page

Amazement Square: Imagine a museum where you can climb through the walls and touch or play with everything! Amazement Square is a hands-on museum in Lynchburg, Virginia. They believe that creative play is one of the most important ways children can grow. Guests of all ages can paint on the walls, explore life on the farm, create a rainstorm over downtown Lynchburg, float a boat down the James River, and even rock out on stage in a band of your own! The encore team is excited to experience Amazement Square with you, have fun exploring!
www.nearpod.com ---for the code see your individual Teacher's page

Please access the Encore webpage for lessons from the Encore teachers.  Encore Weekly Lessons: 

SIGNET Students - Signet Link

Dear Parents:  We have uploaded links and ideas on our individual webpages to assist your student/s review concepts already learned.  Please follow PWCS guidelines sent from Dr. Walts as to the expectations at this time.  Please reach out to us via email if you need guidance or have further questions at this time. 

As of March 13, 2020 our students were learning the following concepts: Click on the tabs below