Hello everyone,

I hope you are all  doing well during this difficult time. 

While you are at home,
-Please see the lessons plans for the week and explore the useful links

-Read books from your child's book bag

-Listen to read alouds on YouTube (Storyline Online and Jack Hartmann were the YouTube channels I used in class)


am and   come will   could
 at  do
 are  you day
 can  got  did  down  give
 go  had  for  saw  her
 is  has  get  that  new
 me  he  have  they  out
 my  his  here  this  over
 see  in  him  was  then
 the  it  of  went  there
 to  like  play  what  want
 up  look  said  where  were
 we  on  she  with  your
  • Use these words to write sentences and draw a picture to match. Encourage correct letter formation and that each sentence begins with a capital letter, has finger spaces, and a period. 
  • Use these words to rainbow write your sight words, use a different color for each letter

-Practice counting to 100

-Clever badges:

I would love to hear back from you. Please have your little ones write me an email, send pictures, or draw a picture for me! My email is Guerraja@pwcs.edu. I hope to hear from you!

Take care,
Ms. Guerra